As winter is about to start scarves and mufflers are used with almost every outfit. Winter outfits are so classy and trendy that same style of scarf will make them look boring.

College girls and those who are working have not much time to spend hours trying to wrap a scarf.

Here are few basic and easy scarf styles for this fall.


This one is very simple. Wrap around your neck as its two ends fall in front one on left and other on right.


Cool looking this style is also simple. Wrap around your neck take both ends and make knot behind neck so it is not visible, now spread the front part a bit.


Drape around your neck take one end and throw it over your shoulder. That looks pretty.


Yet an again simple and cool style. Wrap around and just make a knot.


This kind is readily available just u have to wrap it around twice.


Just making a knot in the center and keeping it in front would simply add style.


For girls who covers their hair, covering all of the hair, wrap one end around your neck and leave on end in front.


You can just simply wear a furry scarf or a muffler, falling it’s both ends at the front.

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