Girls never wants to adopt old styles and look old. You can always change the styles of your dupatta to change your look or to adopt latest fashion.

Here are some pictures of brides with different dupatta styles:


Girls who covers their hair, can wear dupatta like this in order to completely cover their head.


You can wear dupatta by putting half of it on your front and half on back side.


A bride wearing dupatta half on front & half at her back, and the front side is longer so that she can keep dupatta in her hands for style.


You can pin up the mid of dupatta on your head and then leave its sides to your shoulder and pin the sides too.

Here the bride is wearing a long dupatta that is pinned on her shoulders and rest is left at her back. She is wearing a sari style so the pallu of the sari is resting on her shoulders from the front too.


The bride is wearing an Indian styled saari, the pallu is covering her front and dupatta of net material is covering her head and her back. 


This bride is also wearing a saari, her pallu is placed at half of her head. A simple and plain red net dupatta is placed over her that is covering her back and half of her front.

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