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Trend Of Rainbow Hair


Black, Dark brown, light brown, golden and blonde these all are natural hair colors. Are you girls not bored of having same tone of dye every time? Why not to have something funky?
Every girl love colors, so what about painting your hair like a rainbow? Rainbow hair are so into the trend right now. Dye them, have extensions, chalking them or having an artificial spray on your hair you can apply thing that is convenient to you!
Let us show you the different styles of rainbow hair dyes.


7 colors and all in your hair! Short or long doesn’t matter it always looks cool.


You can have different colors in different layers of your hairstyles.



French braid looks even more attractive when every layer is of different bright colors.



Not always funky, you can go for dark blue with black which makes you trendy plus giving a nice decent look.



A combination of natural black at the roots, bright pink in the medium and sharp yellow at the tips.



You don’t always to fully paint your hair, You can just add highlights with your natural hair tone.



A decent combination of greyish-blonde with blue.



Long hair, vibrant rainbow colors and these curls will look absolutely beautiful on a teenage girl.


Adding a medium bright highlights on the blonde shaded, straight hair will make you look gorgeous and stylish as well.

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