Summer makeups are such a hard job, keeping the shades in mind, keeping the texture and quality of products we use because of sunlight, heat and humidity some colors looks so sharp and some becomes too dull.

Eyes are an attractive feature of our face and when your eye makeup is not perfect, the whole look goes down.

Well here is an easy and simple eye makeup that you can wear on any season and with any dress color, no matching needed.

Step 1:

Apply a normal base eye shade.

Step 2:

Take a thick pencil and apply a eyeliner roughly.

Step 3:

Take a clean brush and start blending that rough liner like an eye shade.

Step 4:

With that same brush take a brown eye shade and apply it to make crease and make corners.

Step 5:

Now take dark green shade and start applying it under the outer lower eyelashes.

Step 6:

Take a light shade of green and apply it on the inner corner of the eye. the light shade works as a highlighter.

Step 7:

Apply kajol.

Step 8:

With a thin brush apply eye liner.

Step 9:

Finally apply mascara and there you go!!

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