Beautiful nails are mark of good hands they give a good impression of ones self, giving it proper care is necessary to make them strong. Biting nails is common in many people and it causes damage to hand and nails.

Here are some tips to avoid bad habit if biting nails.

  • You can use nibble inhibitor to avoid biting nails.
  • As it has very nasty taste, if by chance you bite your naiils it will taste so bad that you will think twice.
  • You can also use lotion or cream that have not good smell instead of using nibble inhibitor.
  • Hand sanitizor is also one of the good option to avoid nail biting as it will not taste good.
  • Now this is fall so you can wear gloves to hide and protect nails.
  • If not gloves then you can also use adhesive tape to cover finger tips as it will act as a barrier between nails and teeth.

Nail Polish.

  • By using nail polish you automatically avoid biting nails as nail polish will be removed and look bad.
  • Use a bright color for nails it will be prominent and you will avoid biting.

Good Diet.

  • Good diet will make your nails strong.
  • Include meals that have vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Make Yourself Busy.

  • Making your self busy will have good impact as you will forget to bite nails.
  • When sitting alone watch tv or eat any healthy snacks.
  • You can also keep a water bottle with you to drink it when ever you think of biting nails.

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