Most of you girls like to wear red, as it the most inn color these days. Covering your hair is a good habit, but what if we add some style to your hijab that would make you look more decent and stylish at the same time?

If you are headed to a wedding and you are wearing a red or golden dress, you can wear a red hijab in this style and accessorize if you want, to look the most stood out beautiful girl. 


Step 1:

Take a red hijab place it over your head with one end too short and the the other one long.

Step 2:

Pin up your scarf below your chin.

Step 3:

Now take the longer part and wrap it over other side of your head.

Step 4:

Pin up the longer part above your ear.

Step 5:

After pinning it, take the corner of it’s end and again place it on the top of your head.


You are done now! You will have one have small part of hijab hanging on your one side that creates the style. Just five easy steps to add a style in wrapping your hijab.


1. You can have a fancy scarf pin, making the look of your hijab more attractive.
2. A little touch of eye shade and kajal followed by light lip shade with make you look gorgeous.

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