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Red Bridal Saree Collection 2015

Every bride wants to look beautiful as well as unique at her wedding day. But after the wedding, begins the Dawat tradition. And of course, You also wants to look absolutely gorgeous in these after wedding parties.

Sarees are a must wear for brides and the designs of the sarees make you look bride-like and stunning.

We have gathered some latest saree designs for the brides.
latest-red-bridal-saree (1)

Beautiful red saree with silver and golden embroidery on borders, and a look of stars all over it.

latest-red-bridal-saree (2)

Black and red, the famous combination! Black saree and red anchal, and some embroidery at the bottom and borders are giving saree a beautiful look.

latest-red-bridal-saree (3)

No embroidery, self embossed! Red and golden are giving an attractive look.

latest-red-bridal-saree (8)

Printed lovely red saree merged with golden faun color.

latest-red-bridal-saree (7)

Thick and heavy self embossed borders, and a little work on blouse giving a nice decent look.

latest-red-bridal-saree (6)

The latest and decent as well! Faun and red, self embossed, and the saree is given a floral design at the bottom with red flowers.

latest-red-bridal-saree (5)

New combination of red and cream color, and borders with a slight touch of dark green making it traditional.

latest-red-bridal-saree (4)

A flawless piece! The net material, golden borders & a decent embroidery all over the saree making it so attractive.

latest-red-bridal-saree (13)

A traditional combination of red and green, heavy work at the bottom and light on the anchal.

latest-red-bridal-saree (12)

Red saree, with golden borders and embroidered bunches all over it.

latest-red-bridal-saree (11)

A new outstanding combination of red and grayish green giving a pretty look.

latest-red-bridal-saree (10)

A red saree with heavy work of golden.

latest-red-bridal-saree (9)

Indian design, red saree with golden brown work giving a nice shape to body and a gorgeous unique look to the dress.

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