Every single person has different shapes of eyebrows but everybody doesn’t have arched eyebrows. so, girls shape their eyebrows by themselves by threading, or filling up with eye shades and eye pencils. But still then some of you girls can’t shape your eye brows properly. If one is arched other one gets of different shape which tells that yes you have fake eye brows.

Well we have an awesome trick of making perfect arched on both eye brows that is equal in shape and looks natural too.

Using Spoon For Making An Arch:


Place the curved part of the spoon, with its tip at the corner of the eye pressed up again your nose.

Step 2:

Trace the edge of the curve to make an arch with an eye-pencil and make outline.

Step 3:

When done with making outline, remove the spoon & pluck out the extra hair out of the line.

Step 4:

With eye pencil give the strokes in the direction of your eyebrow to make it look like real hair.

Step 5:

Now at last, fill your eye brows by using eye shade and eye brush.

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