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Minnie Mouse Nails


Girls love to paint their nails with different designs and different colors. Have to tried a minnie mouse nail art? With a hot combination of red and black nail paints? No? then lets try out how easy it is.

You need:

Black nail paint

Red nail paint

White nail paint

Base coat

Thin brush



Step 1:

Paint your index finger red, and ring finger white. 

Step 2:

Now remaining middle finger, pinky finger and thumb, paint the white part of the nails red.

Step 3:

Take a thin brush and make mickey’s head by making circles on index and ring finger.

Step 4:

Now with that same brush, make a line on middle finger, pinky finger and thumb, separating the nail parts.

Step 5:

Its time to make polka dots! taking a white nail color make polka dost as shown in the picture.

Step 6:

Let it dry! In the last apply a base coat for shine. You are done here!

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