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Mayyo Couple’s Dressing Styles

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Nowadays most of the brides and grooms are celebrating their mayo function together. You both absolutely need to look good with each other in matter of clothing. For couples we have latest color combinations by which a couple can perfectly be matching with each other.

On first we are having a couple in which the bride is wearing a combination of grape green shirt and dark green sharara where the groom is wearing grape green kurta with black shalwar.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (5)

The bride is wearing a combination of yellow and green, and the groom is wearing Light greenish kurta to match with the bride’s dress.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (7)

No matching but the combination looks great! Groom wearing brown, and Greyish green is worn by the bride.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (6)

A cute celebrity couple, wear the bride is wearing pink with ferozi and the groom has contrasted his dress by wearing white shalwar kamiz with black waist coat. Simple and decent!

mayyo-mehndi-couple (2)

A perfectly matched couple, both wearing the traditional color “yellow” for their mayo event.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (3)

Indian styled bride and groom, both wear in a combination of yellow and red. Absolutely stunning.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (4)

Where the groom keeps it simple by wearing white and bride making it colorful by adding green and pink embroidery in her yellow dress.

mayyo-mehndi-couple (1)

Famous couple in our media industry, Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom. She is wearing a heavy dress of yellow and pink color while he likes to wear brown printed sherwani that contrasts nicely with her dress.

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