mayo-gota-jewelry-modelWhen talking about  wedding how can one forget the tradition and not follow it? Main importance and attention is given to bride. Everything for bride is arranged perfectly so she may look flawless. 

Mayyo is the first function to take place and it is totally traditional, following the customs. Mostly the bride wears yellow color, it may be green, orange, or any other combination of vibrant colors. The bridal mayyo dress is mostly embroidered with GOTA and when question comes about jewelry, mayyo brides uses floral jewelry.

As fashion varies, bridal fashion trends change time to time. Now a days Gota bridal jewelry is in latest trend, it easily goes with the dress, available in many colors, can be made on order of your own choice. It s also cheap and looks absolutely stunning, traditional, simple and yet stylish.

mayyo-gota-set (6)This set includes Bangles, Rings, Earrings, Teeka, and a Khusa. Yes a khusa. Gota kinari khusa is also made on order matching the dress and other accessories. Looks so trendy with beautiful colors.

mayyo-gota-set (7) Wow these look so beautiful. The color combination is yellow, sea green, pink.  Paranda is designed with Gota and mirrors. A beautiful Henna plate can also be made.

mayyo-gota-set (1) Orange, pink, yellow awesome combination. Ring, Earring, bangles, and a Matha patti.

mayyo-gota-set (8) Purple is known as royal color. Here purple has done complete justice in combination with bright colors and looks so elegant in these Gota accessories.

mayyo-gota-set (9)Yellow is dominating color in this.  Bangles and Earrings embellished with colored Gota flowers.

mayyo-gota-set (3) Beautiful Paranda, Bangles, earrings and a Jhoomar. combination used is sea blue, pink and orange. So stylish!

mayyo-gota-set (5) A complete set of Gota jewelry, includes bangles, necklace, earrings, teeka. colors used are so marvellous.

mayyo-gota-set (4)Dark green and yellow a traditional mayyo combination and matching jewelry what else a wants.

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