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mayyo-gota-jewelry (2)Buying metal jewelry may sometimes left you behind with loss of money as it is expensive.  So a girl wants to have something cheap and in fashion. Mayyo brides dress is mostly made of Gota work and to match the dress jewelry is difficult to find.

Nowadays available in market which is in new style is Gota work jewelry.

Jewelry made with Gota is a perfect choice for Mayyo.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (5) In this image you can see earrings known as BUNDAY. They are available in almost every color and design. They are embellished with tassels, ornamental or Gota flowers.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (7) In these earrings beads are used to make it look different and good.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (9) Yellow color is so for Mayyo bride and this pair of earrings will definitely suit her.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (12)Look at these colorful bangles. These are designed with ribbon flowers and Gota kinari.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (3) Fresh flower jewelry is used for Mayyo bride. This pair looks so beautiful Gota is also used in it.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (4) Golden contrasted with vibrant colors looks splendid. Can be matched easily with dress of any color.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (6) Pink color is cute and stylish at the same time. Gota work earrings and ring looks nice!

mayyo-gota-jewelry (10) Blue color never seems boring. What you think about this pair isnt it traditional.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (11)Bunday with pearl the good thing about it is almost weightless and cause no harm to your ears.
mayyo-gota-jewelry (1) Golden Earrings with mirror so beautiful.

mayyo-gota-jewelry (8)Multi colored earring with pearls will definitely look good.

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