Funky necklaces are now so in trend, but they are somewhat costly to buy. Neon colors are mainstream and look cool and stylish too, they can be made at home just at half price.

Below are two methods for making neon necklace at home.


Neon Glitter Cylinder Necklace:

  • You will need: neon para-cord, glue, scissors, glitter, metal cylinders brush.
  • First of all mix glitter and glue well.
  • Roll metal cylinders in it.
  • Now when they all are covered with it, let them dry.
  • Take cord and put these cylinders in it.
  • Now make a loop on its each end.
  • Secure it with the ring.
  • Attach the jump ring.
  • You are done with the necklace.


Green Neon Knot Necklace:

  • For this kind of necklace you will need: chain, ribbon, jump rings, scissors, super glue, lighter, pliers.
  • First of all tie a knot at one end of cord in such a way that a jump ring is inserted in it.
  • Just see the first step in the image.
  • Now just continue tying knot, one then two and then three and so on.
  • When you have tied enough knots that it will suit in the center of the necklace, insert the jump ting in the last knot.
  • Now attach the hooks of chain in the jump rings.
  • Like shown in the image.
  • The necklace is ready.

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