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Making Fancy Necklace At Home


Necklace trends change from day to day, from pearls to fancy, stylish, heavy metal ones and many more. Innovations can be done on old necklaces to make them totally new and trendy.

Below are methods to make new necklaces using the old ones, they will be absolutely cheap and easy.



  • You will need: a simple chain, few stones, a copper wire, cutter.
  • Cut the chain from center.
  • Now tie the copper wire from one end as seen above.
  • Pass the stones from this copper wire.
  • Now tie the other end of wire.
  • There you go with pretty necklace.


  • Now this method is for funky, emo style necklace.
  • Gather beaded necklaces.
  • Place them below one and then other, looking¬†like one single necklace.
  • Now take 5,6 safety pins and spray with any vibrant, neon color.
  • Pin the necklaces with these safety pins.
  • Make sure to tie the end threads of necklaces in one.
  • Its all ready to wear.

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