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Yellow is an official color for mayon. In old ages pure yellow had been worn,with no make-up and style, the brides used to be simple and natural.

With the passage of time, variations in trends has been made. Many of you brides like to add colors and contrast with yellow, wear make-up and style yourself up to look good.

Some pictures of mayon brides to show the complete mayon look:


A very decent look for brides who do not like to dress heavy. A simple yellow dress with front embroidery, sherwani collar and borders of dupatta with mehndi green. A bun with some flowers and sophisticated jewelry and makeup making the bride look sophisticated too. Very decent!


Amna Sheikh, Posing as a mayon bride, with long braid wrapped in flowers, no jewelry but a heavy Maatha patti and colored bangles.


A bride with complete flower jewelry set and the ‘gouta work’ is done all over her dress combined with pink.


Juggan Kazim wearing light makeup, shooting as a mayon bride with yellow flowers in her hair, a big ring in her fingers and earrings.


The most prettiest look and the bride in all! Dress of multi colors, dupatta with yellow and blue borders. Flower earrings and 3 strapped Matha patti. The makeup is light which is perfectly matching with her dress.


A very slight touch of yellow but combination of pink and purple and Gouta work on the dress. She is wearing Artificial jewelry and flower jewelry both.


This brides like to keep it pure and simple. Yellow dress with gouta work and heavy flower jewelry with a ‘palaanda‘ in her hair making her look pure desi and traditional bride.


Young talent, Sajjal Ali like to wear yellow with dark green, and so she has put on some dark liner and kajal with nude lips. Braided hair do with accessories making with her teeka and wearing heavy jewelry making her look more beautiful.


Beautiful bride wearing yellow with combination of light orange and pink, a little embroidery on her front, wearing flower jewelry except her teeka and a makeup matching her dress. Simple and beautiful!

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