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Short shirt and short length dresses are old fashion. Long gowns are now inn the fashion. You may wear a short shirt but you always prefer wearing a long gown on top of short shirt.

These gowns may have adopted from western culture, but to give a desi look, designers have combined the dresses with a touch of Pakistani embroidery and modified it a way that it looks purely eastern and acceptable.

Have a look on these dresses..

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Gorgeous red bridal dress is given the look of maxi. The work done with gold and silver making it look attractive and the dress is giving slimmer look to the body.

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Bridal and party dress! Sleeveless A-line shirt, worn on top of long sharara, pink is combined with faun and elegant embroidery is done all over the dress.

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Stunning peach gown made of net fabric. Long sleeves made of net, and the embroidered bunch on the front make the dress look fancy yet decent.

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Dark pink party wear dress. The body is made of faun and the base is dark pink. Big bunches on front and sleeves of shaffon jorjut.

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Beautiful and awesome combination of elegant colors, Peach & Faun. Bridal as well as party dress. Long shirt with decent embroidery, worn on broad sharara.

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Long gown style frock made up of net with lot of frill making it look more broad and floral embroidery on the body and the sleeves giving a princess look.

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Stunning baby pink Bridal dress borders combined with ferozi. Old but great combination of colors. The shirt is short and embroidered worn with broad self-printed sharara. Any would look pretty wearing this dress.

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