Summer or winter red is always famous.

From 2014, red color has come into fashion, and the trend seems to have spread very quickly. Yes! Bright red lipsticks are into the fashion these days. Celebrities wearing dress of any color prefer wearing red lipsticks.

Not only celebs, but many of you girls also have tried it. It’s just because the trend of red lips has been penetrated that much, that the perfect look is incomplete without red lips.

Even girls of age 13 and 15 are wearing red lipstick these days and there is nothing unusual about it.

Let me show you the emerging trend of bright red lipstick


Miss world, Aishwariya Rai loves to paint her lips red.


Ah! So gorgeous! Red lips and cat liner, that’s what her style is! Hollywood queen Angelina jolie looks stunning by wearing red lipstick.


The most famous bride of 2014, Ayeza Khan, Natasha Saloon just matched her lips with her gorgeous red dress.

blake-lively-red-lipstickRed Matt lipsticks, just looks perfect on Blake Lively’s complexion.


Pure matt red lips, looks attractive with Demi Lovato’s short blackhair.


Pakistan’s most favorite, Mahira Khan! If I say she brought this trend in our girls, that would’nt be wrong. Her broad lips & fair complexion and when she puts on red lipstick… she looks stunning!


Another top Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, with broad lips! She enhances her beauty by wearing red lipstick.


Scarlett Johansson looks ravishing. My God, such grace and beauty. She truly carries that red lipstick like it was made just for her.


Youngster’s favorite, and a talented singer Selena Gomez! Loves to match her lips and nails with her pretty red dress.


Sonam kapoor makes her smile more killer by applying red lipstick.


Beauty with a beautiful voice, Taylor Swift! Red lipstick just goes perfect with blue eyes and blonde hair.
So you also get into the trend, enhance your beauty, and get your perfect look by wearing red lipstick.

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