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Walima or reception in one of the biggest days of your life and you want to look the most beautiful at that night. For this you make sure that your dress, jewelry, make-up, everything looks perfect.

As wearing red, a dark color on your wedding day, you don’t want to wear the same dark color on your reception day, to make your look change you go for a brighter and decent color. And yes! This is what the trend is being followed.

Here some pictures of the brides who wore bright colors on their reception.

pakistani-walima-dress (13) My God! Who says bright color makes you look old? This bride is looking gorgeous in this faun colored dress. Beautifully dolled up.

pakistani-walima-dress (3)

Light peach colored dress, with a dark colored border, and work of gold. Looks decent yet beautiful.

pakistani-walima-dress (2)Again peach colored dress, combined with golden work on it and borders are given a touch of green.

pakistani-walima-dress (14)

Short shirt and sharara. Nude color is here combined with light Ferozi inner borders, and the work is done by gold color and contrasted with Ferozi, matching with the borders..

pakistani-walima-dress (15)

Fish tail peach colored frock and the work done by silver will give you an elegant look.

pakistani-walima-dress (11)

Here comes a little darker color than peach. Dark peach, Turning into Light brown is combined with Light blue color. Beautiful combination.

pakistani-walima-dress (6)

A beautiful combination of Skin color and Light ferozi, and the work is given a touch of Light brown to enhance the beauty of the dress.

pakistani-walima-dress (10)

If you are not comfortable with wearing a bright color totally, then you can have a shaded dress like. Dark purple is turning into into lighter as we moves upwards and it turns Faun when it comes to the top. And its gold work simply adding more beauty in it.

pakistani-walima-dress (12)

Miss Shaista Lodhi wearing a long shirt and trouser of Light pink and Ferozi and dupatta with a touch of Light gold.

pakistani-walima-dress (1)

This dress will enhance your beauty as it gives a shade of orange and shocking. Absolutely will suit on brides with brighter complexion.

pakistani-walima-dress (9)

Ferozi must be combined with a dark color as it is combined here with Dark grape green color.

pakistani-walima-dress (8)

Here are some brides who liked to wear Ferozi at their reception. She looks gorgeous like Frozen.

pakistani-walima-dress (4)

Totally a latest style. Pointed medium length shirt will dull golden work worn on top of sea green sharara having embroidered borders and small bunches.

pakistani-walima-dress (5)

Amna Sheikh wearing fish styled shirt of peach color and borders made of brown color and a touch of sea green color making her look pretty and decent.

pakistani-walima-dress (7)

If you like your dress to be heavy and this one is for you! Sharp and dark colors with heavy work all over the dress. Will totally suit on bride of any skin tone, weather fair or dull!

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