Look at these fancy red bridal shoes for a wedding bride, pointed pencil heels, covered with red glittering beads. Aren’t these just the most adorable heels you could have on your best day?

Are you too selective for buying your shoes, and even more when it is your bridal shoes? We understand because every inch of the woman in us wants to have perfect heels specially on their wedding day.

Well here are some latest bridal shoes designs you will prefer to go with.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (2)

Very comfortable shoes for the bride who can’t wear high heels. A fancy, strapped sandals with prominent work of green and fawn color matching with her dress.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (5)

Pencil heel with a single strap that goes up and also rounds towards the ankles, supporting your feet and creating a style.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (3)

A simple yet gorgeous sandals with medium length heels and the design at the front supporting the feet.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (7)

A great combination of casual and fancy! Pencil heels of shining leather material, and a big fancy bow at front.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (6)

Shoes that can be worn at wedding and other events and parties too. Pencil heels of gold, Faun shining leather covering the feet from the front, and golden chain used as straps to support the feet yet giving a modest style to the shoes and yourself too.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (8)

Shocking pink pencil heels, matching with the dress and the bow at it’s front matching with the embroidery of the dress.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (9)

For the brides who wants to keep it simple. Triple strapped shoes and a bow like flower at it’s top.

pakistan-bridal-shoes (4)

Simple and yet fancy! High heels of gold, matching with the dress, strapped at it’s front that covers the ankles and the whole sandal is covered with golden beads.

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