Are you one of those people whose feet sweat like they are dripping water? Constant sweating not only makes it uneasy and uncomfortable to walk with, but it also produces smell that you would rather not want.

Specially if you are a college student or working person who wears covered shoes, this problem becomes more problematic.

This one ingredient solution will change your life for better.



Method :

Step 1 :

Take a cooking pot, skillet or a frying pan. Make sure the pot is clean and completely dry of any moisture.

Step 2 :

Put a generous amount of cornstarch in the pot. Enough to be rubbed on your feet.

Step 3 :

Brown the cornstarch evenly. Keep tossing it so that it does not burn.

Step 4 :

Remove the cornstarch in a dry plate and let it cool off.

Step 5 :

Wash your feet with cold water and dry them off completely.

Step 6 :

Rub cornstarch on your feet specially between your fingers & leave on for 15 minutes.

Step 7 :

Dust off excess cornstarch from your feet.


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