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How To Wear Dupatta Style Hijaab


If you cover your hair, that doesn’t mean you cannot adopt styles in it. Lapping your scarf twice doesn’t make it look it stylish. Look at the above hijaab style.

Attractive right? We have a style that is based on some easy steps. You can use same colored inner cap with the scarf or do a combination of colors.

This style is apt for parties. It keeps your hair entirely covered while giving you a relaxed time, unlike scarfs that stick tight on your face.


Step 1:

First cover your head with black scarf cap and to add contrast take a peach or any colored scarf of your choice.

Step 2:

Place it’s medium point on your head by leaving equal portions falling on both sides. Level the two ends of your scarf.

Step 3 & 4:

Pin up both sides of scarf that is falling from sides, halfway down.

Step 5 & 6:

Hold your scarf from the pin and take it to the back side and leave it on the neck as shown in pictures.

Step 7:

Your scarf will be having frills on both sides. Now take a fancy scarf pin and pin of the side of dupatta on another. And here you have your final look.

You see wearing a hijab with a style, never been this easy before. Keep yourself covered and stay within the style. Bless you!


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