Do you love plating with your eyes? Changing the color? wearing lenses? and at the same time afraid of taking your finger near your eyes?

Its a natural thing that eyes do blink when a thing comes near it specially when a thing has to go under the eye. But no problem! Now you won’t face this blinking problem when while putting a contact lens into your eyes.

Lets Start!

Wash your hands

First of all wash your hands. your hands need to be clean before handling the lens.

Step 2:

Start with your Right eye

You have to start always with your right eye. Also remember do place the right eye’s lens in the right eye’s bowl in the kit, same with left one. Sometimes placing lens in the right bowl of the kit helps with all of your problems.

Step 3:


We are getting closer! Now scoop out the lens carefully and place it in on your palm. Place a little quantity of the solution on your palm and wash the lens.


Step 4:


Do not panic!¬†Just use your free hand to hold up your eyelid and insert the lens. Don’t be afraid it won’t slide back of your eye. Its a common myth but a lens cannot get lost under an eye.

Step 5:


If the contact lens is not over your actual lens, just simply keep blinking it will automatically come to it’s right place. Go for the next eye and you are done!

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