Hair buns are always decent & elegant. Are you a Frozen fan and Elsa your favorite character? Yes? Then you must also love her hair style specially her hair bun.

Here are some easy step to make the same hair bun like Elsa’s.


You will need:

  1. A hair catcher
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Fork pins
  4. A colored Ribbon
  5. A fancy pin (optional)
  6. Hair spray (optional)

Lets Start!

Bring all of your hair at the left side. Leave the hairs from the from to make twist and tie the left hair into a catcher. Now start making twist from the hair above your forehead.

Step 2:

Keep twisting your hair and bringing the twist to the left side. You can also make a french braid if you don’t like twist.

Step 3:

When you reach above your left ear stop there and tie it with a colored ribbon. To make it firm tie a rubber band first then a ribbon over the rubber band. Don’t tie the whole ribbon just a knot and leave the strands.

Step 4:

Now free your hair from the catcher, bring towards the left ear, combine all the hair and start twisting these hair again. You have also combined & twisted the strands of the ribbon which was left.

Step 5:

When the twisting is complete, start making a bun and then tie it with fork pins wherever they are necessary.

Step 6:

Add bobby pins on the right side of your head so the hair might not get loose and also do hair spray for making the hairstyle long lasting. If you want you can add a fancy pin but that is totally optional. You are done here!

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