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How To Do Sajjal Ali Bridal Makeup


Sajjal Ali, is Pakistani talent is not just known for her acting skills but is admired by everyone & famous for her look in bridal shoots.

Her personal favorite fashion motto is that she loves to keep her looks more simple and decent. A soft brown and pinkish base matching your skin tone to give her skin that perfect glow.

How to do Sajjal Ali Bridal Makeup


Step 1. Foundation.

Apply a foundation of your skin color, evenly on all over your face and neck. Do not apply a heavy base as it looks very unnatural. Keep it light and natural.

Step 2. Conceal & Highlight.

We all have those dark circles and skin pigmentation that we want to hide. Conceal and highlight your face properly. Learn the procedure here.

Step 3. Eye Shadow.

Apply a very soft peach to nude brown eye shadow all over your eyelid. To give it a pop, add a little silver.

Step 4. Eye Liner & Mascara.

If you have big eyes like her don’t apply too much shade, just go with a very bold winged eyeliner and a soft kajal under your lower eyelids. For smaller eyes, make a thin winged eye liner. Apply mascara. 

Step 5. Blush On.

Use a reddish peach color blush on and carefully apply it on your cheek bones. For a slimmer face, apply the blush on under the cheek bone.

Step 6. Lipstick.

Use a red pencil liner to trace your lips then take a bright red shade of lipstick and fill your lips. For smaller lips, outline your lips outside your natural lip line.

Step 7. Accessorize.

Make a loose braid with flowers in it. Wear a nose ring with some red beads. Wear a teeka and baali earring. Red nail paint, bangles and finger rings. 

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