Most of you people specially girls are more conscious about their hair and they think thousand times before having a hair cut. Surely everyone wants to have the perfect haircut as told to the stylist, but that doesn’t really happen very often.

Due some mistakes you may have a bad hair cut and then you become hopeless and there is even nothing that you could do. Here are some common mistakes that we all do:

Don’t Panic:

First of all stop creating panic. Let the fear come out of you. Even do not panic your stylist. Most of the people panic their stylists and unconsciously stylists does what they shouldn’t. So be calm and confident!

Be Descriptive:

Always be descriptive. Describe what type of style or haircut you want and also take your stylist’s opinion on that too. discuss what the final length would be, and everything before the haircut and do make sure that what you want has been understood by your stylist before starting the scissors.

Be Honest:

It always happens that stylist start giving you his/her suggestions and also convincing you on that. Be honest if you don’t like it and stick to what you want. Take opinions but do what you want or think will be suitable for you.


Your Hairs Grows:

If by mistake the stylist have cut your hair short, remember it is always for the style of the haircut. Your hair grows, they will grow again. So instead of crying start enjoying the new look.

No More Chemicals:

Stop using chemicals or heating your hair regularly. Chemicals like hair dyes etc damages and destroy your hair. So for the shinier hair avoid using chemicals on your hair.

Trim Your Hair:

Although you may want to grow your hair fast after a bad haircut but remember split ends look awful, so trim your hair at least half an inch every month. Trimming will naturally give a look of having a hair cut, It also makes your hair look healthier and stronger.

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