contour-highlight-makeupDoes your face look too full and your nose appears too big on your face? Is that double chin making your entire face look bigger than it really is?

Contour and highlight, are your new best friends.

These two main things are to be done perfectly because all your look depends on how good you are at this game. Many girls go for it without knowing the steps and areas to contour and highlight and makes their features dull.

Here some easy tips that you all must know before you go towards it.


1. Forehead:

Contour at the borders of your forehead.

2. Cheekbones:

Contour your cheekbones, the darker shade makes it prominent.

3. Side of nose:

Contouring at your nose sides makes it look slim and pointed.

4. Jaws & Chin:

Contour your jaws and chin, it prominent your face cut. And contour at below and sides of your chin too.

Areas To Highlight:

1. Middle of forehead & nose:

Highlight middle of your forehead & nose.

2. Under the eyebrow arc:

To make it more edgy highlight under the eyebrow arc.

3. Below the eyes:

Highlight the wide area below your eye.

4. Above the upper lip & below the lower lip:

A little highlight to prominent the lips.



1. Contour with one shade darker than your natural tone.
2. Highlight with one or two times lighter shade than your natural skin tone.
3. Use beauty blender instead of a puff.
4. Blend every inch of your face well.

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