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How To Clean Toenails


The growth of our toenails are quit slow as compared to finger nails. When a nail is short it stores dirt more and when we talk about feet, we really don’t wash it as thoroughly as we wash our finger nails. Due to this dirt is stored even more and gradually your toenail start turning black or yellowish.

Your feet need your care. Try this process twice a week and your nails your would turn pink again.


Step 1:

Take warm water in tub, add few drop of shampoo and soak your nails in that for 15 minutes.

Step 2:

When your skin turn soft, exfoliate the dead skin.

Step 3:

Take any cleansing cream or lotion and start massaging your feet. Meanwhile put some quantity of cream on your nails (do not rub or massage) to soften the cuticles.


Step 4:

After cleansing, take a knife type tool present in your nail cutter and start cleaning the dirt from your cuticles and nails.

Step 5:

Wash again your feet with soap or body gel and let them dry.

Step 6:

Apply a moisturizer. Feel your feet soft as baby and nails clean and white.

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