Hair are a beauty mark of every girl and women. Making and styling them is an art and needs to be learned. There are tips and tricks to master in hair dos. Party hair have vast variety and mostly girls are confused to which to make.

We are giving you tips on party hair styles. Keep scrolling.


Simple and stylish. Just curl up your hair and tie half in pony or pins.


Messy hair style. Lightly curl them and then back comb/tease front half and tie it in side pony.


Simply iron your hair take a strand from side and pin it.


Fancy hair style for party. Again curl your hair and pin the side strands.


For short hair, Perm your hair and pin your fringes.


Easy to make, curl your hair and lightly teas them pin side ways if needed.


Wedding hair style. Curl you hair make sure to take smaller strands do not comb them set with hair and take few strands, pin them and wear a hair band.

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