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DIY Homemade Leather Necklace


Leather has always been in fashion since ages, it looks so trendy, stylish, sexy and yet classy at the same time. Can be used for any age group and on any jewelry and outfit.

Below are methods for making homemade leather accessories.


Leather Collar Necklace:

  • First of all gather these things: paper, leather sheet, studs, scissors, punch machine, needle, thread.
  • First of all trace a collar design on paper.
  • Place it on leather sheet and cut it.
  • Apply studs as shown in the image.
  • Now on the collars punch a hole on tapered end.
  • And pass thread with needle.
  • Tie both to join them.
  • Now its done, ready to wear.



Leather Leaf Necklace:

  • You will need: paper, scissors, ribbon, chain, leather.
  • First of all draw a simple leaf like pattern on the paper.
  • Place that paper on leather sheet and then cut it accordingly.
  • Now punch hole on the inner side of each leaf.
  • Tie the ribbon uniting them both.
  • Punch holes on the outer side for chain.
  • Now pass the chain from the holes.
  • You are all done with necklace.

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