Lets not deny this, an engagement day is the biggest and the most awaited day of a us girl’s life and for this we have several plans for several things like dresses, their colors, the theme of the wedding etc. Similarly an engagement ring is also the a part of girl’s special concern.

Here are some pictures by which you can have an idea of latest trends and designs.


Blacks rings are so unique! As everyone heads towards gold or silver platted, black ultimately becomes unique itself.


Double ring set! Gold platted with peach diamond in center and small white diamonds all around it.


A ring with a tea pink diamond at the center.


Extremely decent and stylish ring, silver platted ring. White diamonds increasing it’s beauty.


Silver and sapphire always make a great combination. Oval shaped sapphire diamond surrounded with small white diamonds.


Decent ring for girls who do not want to make it fancy. Double ring set. Gold platted rings with a medium size diamond in the center.


Pink colored diamond can match with each and every dress that’s why pink is preferred mostly by everyone.

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