Guys also need to give attention to their hair and skin. By doing your own hair you people make some common and horrible mistakes that can’t be ignored. For that reason, this post is much helpful.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your look.

When you shave don’t ever shave off completely your sideburns. As it will look so weird, that was 80’s trend that is now completely obsolete. Just make sure leave about an inch of sideburns above your ear.

Temple Point.

When you go for haircut don’t ask for clearing the temple points as they give neat look. Just make them taper.


Making neckline too high, at that time gives a neat look but after few days when hair appear it gives a bad look. So again go for tapered neckline its much better.

Don’t Cut Your Own Hair.

Hair plays an important role in your overall look, so seek help of a pro instead of becoming your own barber.

Price Doesn’t Matter.

Its not always true that expensive salons gives you the best look. When you go for haircut or other hair care go to good professional, its not necessary that good pro must always be expensive.

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