Do you have fair arms and love wearing short sleeves but Dark Elbows??? Dark elbows always makes your arm look ugly. The skin of elbow and knees is rough and we often neglect washing or scrubbing it properly which results in making the cells dead and dull.

Here is a simple and easy remedy to treat your dark elbows to make them fair and soft.

Lets Start!

  1. 1 lemon
  2. 1 tsp sugar
  3. Cotton ball
  4. 2 tsp milk Milk


1. Cut the lemon into two pieces.

2. Put the wet part of lemon onto the sugar. Sugar will stick on the lemon pulp.

3. Start scrubbing your elbows. Continue this process for the next 15 minutes.


4. Now take the cotton ball and dip it in the milk.

5. When the cotton ball gets completely wet, start rubbing your elbows with it for the next 2-3 minutes.

6. Do not wash immediately, let your skin absorb the milk. Leave the milk to dry.

7. After 10 minutes wash your elbows and apply a moisturizer.


Must wash your elbows before starting the process.

Water is to be used in the end of the process only.

Keep your elbows moisturized in daily routine.

When having a bath try to wash them with loofah sponges.

This methods results best when you do it after taking bath and your elbows are already soft and clean.

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