A normal braid, a normal bun? Both too old school.  Why not to have a braid and a bun at the same time?

This hairstyle is very addicting and very cute. You can wear it for school, college, university or even at work. If you have a party coming soon or a wedding to go to, make this hairstyle and add your own flowers and clips for a fancy classy look.


How To Make The Big Braided Bun:

Step 1:

Take 3 strands from a side leaving some hair in the front.

Step 2:

Start making a braid.

Step 3:

Add some of the strands while making braid (like french braid) from the hairs left in the front and some from back too.

Step 4:

Once done with braid, pull the strands to lose. It makes the braid look healthier.

Step 5:

Make a ponytail from the hair left at the back.

Step 6:

Add this huge band to make your bun big.

Step 7:

A little back combing to your ponytail.

Step 8:

Wrap the hair of ponytail around the band in a way that hairs cover the band from all the sides. Now wrap the braid around your bun. And there you go!

Lovely, romantic, casual and yet fancy. All at the same time. I’m sure college girls would love to wear this, quick & easy always.

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