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Classy Prom Night Necklace



Prom night, parties, gatherings, dinners, reunions, and other college university functions it all needs dressing up game and the accessories make it on point. Prom dress just needs a necklace and you are all ready to look perfect.

As you can see the above Image here is its method of making it at home.


Peach Flower Necklace:

  • You will need: Georgette fabric, needle, thread, cord, chain, scissors.
  • Cut the fabric in a circle.
  • ¬†Fold that circle in half making a semi circle shape.
  • Now again fold the circle like in the image.
  • Pass the thread through the center of the circle by a thin needle.
  • Attach the fabric on the center of the cord by thread and needle.
  • Continue stitching these circles until it looks perfect.
  • Now attach the chain at both ends of the cord.
  • Your necklace is ready.



Pink Brooch Necklace:

  • For this necklace you will need: chain, brooch, glue, ribbon, scissors.
  • Pass the ribbon from the first loop of chain and tie a knot.
  • Now start passing the ribbon from loop to loop as seen in the picture.
  • When you reach the other end of chain again tie a knot.
  • Stick the brooch in the center.
  • You are done with your necklace.

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