We have two events in Pakistani weddings, a wedding ceremony and a reception. Red is for wedding and other colors are for reception. Brides usually go for light colors or those colors who do not have any resemblance with red. Blue is the preferred choice of the brides.

Here are some beautiful designs of sarees with different shades of blue combined with different colors

latest-blue-bridal-saree (13)

A royal blue saree combined with shocking pink color with a net dupatta/pallu and bunches at the bottom.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (12)

Stunning combination of navy blue and baby pink. A dark tone beautifully combined with a light one.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (11)Beautiful combination of royal blue and golden, a little touch of embroidery giving a decent look.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (10)

Large embossed borders on royal blue saree.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (9)

Royal blue saree combined with orange color and embroidered borders giving a fancy look. Perfect for wearing on the reception day.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (8)

Navy blue combine with black and white and baby pink bunches will attract every eye.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (7)

Blue saree with white embroidered bunches at the bottom and white net anchal making it attractive.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (6)

Navy blue beautifully combined with light golden. Making the saree more elegant.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (5)

Flawless design! Mixture of royal blue with light gold.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (4)

Navy blue and orange. An outstanding new combination with new embroidery design.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (3)

Royal blue with a slight touch of shocking pink.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (2)

Navy blue and red and heavy embroidery making the dress perfect for a reception event.

latest-blue-bridal-saree (1)

Navy blue, orange and bunches done with golden giving a simple decent look to the saree.

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