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Benefits Of Eating Oranges


Vitamin C is so essential for the body it helps to treat scurvy disease (Gums and teeth disease). Also good for skin and health nourishment. Winters come with this beneficial great gift of oranges.


Here are some benefits of oranges.

Fights Cancer.

As orange is a citrus fruit it has a big role in fighting cancerous cells and also prevents these diseased cells to set in the body.


As kidneys needs plenty of hydration so, orange juice is best for kidneys. Drinking this fresh juice will help in removing kidney stones.


It is a great agent in reducing cholesterol in the body. As excess of cholesterol when accumulated in body causes blood vessels to get narrow or embolism formation which is dangerous for heart.

Heart Functioning.

Heart has potassium channels in it for transport of potassium ions and also for some other electrolytes. Orange is rich in potassium must be taken for good heart functioning.

Helps Relieving Constipation.

Fibers are best known for the aid they provide for digestion. Orange is rich in dietary fibers an helps in relieving constipation.

Viral Infection.

Polyphenols are kind of anti oxidants which help in fighting CVS disease and cancer. It is also good in treating viral infections. Orange have polyphenols in it.

Good For Skin.

As already mentioned orange contains anti oxidants which are great in fighting skin cancer and skin diseases.


Our vision needs vitamin A which comes from Carotenoids. Orange has carotenoids and helps in improving eye sight.

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