Girls with beautiful eyes and perfect liner gets the compliments “You have Arabic eyes”. The reason is that Arabic ladies not only have beautiful eyes but they have good skills in doing their eye make up.

There is one thing great in Arabic make up that you don’t have to apply thin liner or make a long perfect wing. You can always apply thick and dark liner to make your eyes prominent. Let’s show you how it is done.


Step 1:

Simply apply liner from a dark pencil.

Step 2:

Make a loop on your eye lid meeting the wing of your eyeliner.

Step 3:

Fill that loop with same eye pencil or you can also use a dark black eye shade.

Step 4:

Its time to apply kajol! From the wing make line below your lower lashes towards the inner corner of the eye.

Step 5:

Thicken the kojol.

Step 6:

Apply mascara at the end and you are done here! You can also add some shimmer if you want.

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