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Amazing Orient Winter Wear Collection 2015-16


Winter is for dressing and getting dressed up. Almost every year trend is changed to cope up with the new fashion. Below are images of winter collection by orient textiles these are so great and ready to wear dresses.


White is known as sign of elegance. This dress is contrasted with maroon and beige cigarette pants. Shirt has lace work on it.


Brownish green dress with carrot red dupatta and on shirt’s border yellow tinge is also used that is making it look vibrant.


Brownish maroon shade dress simple and yet elegant.


Brown and green paisley printed dress that is accurate for evening time.


Maroon and orange shirt, dark colors are mostly used in winters. This outfit is great for any lunch or dinner gathering.


Light brown shirt, back is full printed and paired cigarette pants have lace work on it.


Off white and maroon floral printed shirt good for afternoon.


A lighter tone of blue contrasted with orange and dark brown. Dupatta has paisley print. looks great!


Beige and blue paisley printed shirt also contrasted with maroon color. Front of shirt is also embroidered.



A black and blue dress with beautiful print, you can wear it at day and also in evening. Knee length shirt paired with embroidered cigarette pants.

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