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7 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Hair


You love to keep your look fresh and that usually involves coloring and processing your hair. And you use different hair products, experiment with your hair and things like that. But do you really know what you are doing to your hair? It’s easy to get lose in the world of chemicals and curling irons.

Brands market their products and services without telling what these things do to your hair in the aftermath. With all the information out there, it may be hard to know what is right and wrong.


Common mistakes are pointed out so ladies, avoid doing them and save your hair from damage.

Healthy Diet.

A healthy diet is definitely important to keep your hair look healthy. Stay as much away from junk food as you can because its not healthy and in all this food cravings you are ignoring your hair. Add leafy vegetables,carrots,fruits to your diet they give volume and shine to your hair.

Blow Dryer And Hair Irons.

Do you use blow dryer and hair irons almost daily? There you go with frizzy, dull hair. These only cause great hair damage. Your hair needs to be air dryed and less voltage. So don’t kill your hair they need to be cared.

Be Nice To Your Hair.

Do not vigorously towel dry your hair, as this will cause your hair to fall rapidly. Because wet hair are weak they need to be dryed softly.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair.

Wet hair fills with moisture which makes it more flexible, image how tangled your hair is after a nice wash? Well if you have a habit of brushing your hair wet, when your hair is more at risk to breaking, you are asking for bald spots. When you will comb them they will break from roots. Instead use a wide toothed comb and pull out the knots.

Don’t Tie Wet Hair.

As stated earlier wet hair are weak so, don’t tie them as making them tight will break them.¬†Instead of elastic hair bands, try a terry cloth head band that will allow your hair the room it needs and ¬†greatly reduces the chance of broken hair.

Oil Your Hair.

Your hair needs break too, from all that products and irons and outside chilly air. When you are at home try to oil your hair. slightly warm the oil you are using it will give good results.

Avoid Hair dye And Bleach.

Hair grows. At least that’s what we tell ourselves after bleaching, hair color, streaking. These chemicals just make hair die that is the reason why after ages of bleaching hair, hair masks don’t affect our hair. So avoid using hair dyes and your hair will be healthier.

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