Makeup is an art,it doesn’t only make you look beautiful but also hides uneven skin,blemishes,pores etc. You have right to look beautiful for this,you have to check the methods and the mistakes you are doing when using makeup.

In this post we will tell you about the basic foundation mistakes that you make. As foundation is the basic step.


Are you using powder foundation? Ditch it! The problem with powder foundation is it doesn’t set on your skin,instead it sets in your creases and pores gives cakey weird look. If the powder is shimmery it will make your pores look bigger. Go for liquid foundation they are really good with your skin and set quickly giving your skin an even look.

Don’t check Foundation On Your Jaws!

Everybody tells you to check it on your jaws,there you make horrible mistake. Always check foundation on your nose,jawline,underneath eyes. And try it on one side of your face and leave other for comparison. The shade that quickly disappear on your skin opt for it.

Always Use Primer.

If you are not using primer before applying foundation then you are doing it wrong the whole time. Primer makes your skin smooth for applying foundation.That is how your foundation looks even and don’t cake out.

Don’t Apply Foundation With Fingers.

Another big yet simple mistake. Using fingers for applying foundation is not a good idea as more amount of foundation remains on hand. Use a foundation brush as it uses small amount of foundation and blends well.

Applying Foundation All Over face.

So not necessary, doll. The purpose of foundation is not, in fact, to cover up every square inch of your face. Focus mainly on the areas like around nose,under eyes,chin and where blemishes are.

Always Apply Concealer Over Foundation.

Every second lady applies concealer before applying foundation. That is so so wrong. Apply concealer after foundation because what is the point of applying concealer when you are going to blend it with foundation.

Don’t Use tinted Powder.

Always use translucent powder after foundation as it works for every single skin tone in existence, but will also prevent that horrendous cakey texture from messing up your otherwise bang-on makeup application.

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