Using too much makeup products or not using it both have great impact on your look. All of you should know what are the basic beauty items that you should own, its not necessary to use almost all the makeup items and makes you look plastic.

Here you will get to know the few items that should be in your bag or dressing table.

Hair Dryer.

Air drying your hair is good but sometimes you need styling and have to go salon for this, just do this at home by buying a good hair dryer that must be ionic as it is friendly with your hair.

Sun Screen.

Sun screen do some good thing to your skin by protecting it from ultraviolet rays of sun. You should definitely buy a sunscreen that must be sp-40.



Mascara is a must item in your bag it makes you look fresh and add something attractive to your eyes. If you have small lashes go for long lash mascara, if you have long lashes buy a thick one.


It is also a must have item, its basic thing in foundation it conceals your dark circles if you don’t use it you look dull and under skin gives bad look.


It comes in different firms, cake, powder, pen use whatever you like. It is good and gives the look of internal glow.


Keep a good blusher with you it will make your cheeks look natural.

Gloss or Lipstick.

A good color or go for medium pink shade gloss or lipstick is must item. It will give you a fresh look.

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