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5 Steps to Make That Nose Thin


Do you want your nose to look thin? There are many easy tips that will lead your nose to look thinner. Thin and slim nose suits well and adds an extra beauty effect to your overall look.

Here are some makeup tips that will make your nose slim.



The best way to make your nose thinner is by applying foundation. You can apply it at the end as well, but using it in very beginning will be much better.


Now when you are done with foundation use a bronzer or contouring powder. Draw a line on both sides of your nose.

According To Requirement.

All nose shapes are different so contouring lines must be drawn accordingly. If nose is wider, then start the line from nape of nose to the end of brow. If your bottom of nose is wide, then draw lines on outward side of nostrils. And if tip is broad, then draw inward arrow with concealer.


Take a highlighter brush and cover it with liquid or powder highlighter. Then highlight the line starting from center of forehead and to the tip of nose.


Use a clean brush or makeup sponge to blend all the lines separately so that you can get the subtle look.

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