Taking selfie in fact lots and lots of selfies is the trend now.

We all have this thing in ourselves to take hundreds of selfies and posting one or two of them. Why don’t we a single best selfie with no fault and save our time and our phone’s batteries?

But how to take a perfect flawless selfie? Ten secrets and here is your perfect selfie to upload.


Get your look, mirror check yourself either everything on your face (make-up and hair) is perfect.

2. Choose your best angle.

You definitely know which of your angle comes out a better one, give that angle a shot.

3. Take from high.

Take your hands up high and far as you can. surely you don’t want to zoom your face in. Also tilt your phone a little bit.

4. Get that light on face.

Search for more light make sure your face is more than clear. Selfies with extra lights come out be nice.

5. Find a breeze.

Find a little breeze a blowing wind to scatter your hair. You may keep a small exhaust fan in front of you to get the breeze.

6. Loose the pout

Try different poses, making a pout is fun but you don’t want to make it your signature. People gets bore of watching the same pose every time.

7. Do a background check.

Make sure where you take selfies the background is clean and appropriate enough so that people don’t comment on your background instead of you.

8. Give your best pose.

Bend yourself a little and make sure to give your best expression and best pose.

9. Use new filters.

Try using some new and unique filters.

10. Caption it.

Add a nice caption that suits your personality and the picture as well.

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